Programming Classroom

Twin Roots runs a venture called Programming Classroom, an educational website geared towards programmers and offers seminar quality learning materials at very affordable prices.

Current Work

Currently a technical writer and hacker at Facebook. Working on HHVM and the Hack language, doing some pretty cool work.


In early 2006, owner Joel Marcey's life changed forever. He and his spouse had twin baby boys. After that day, life became ever-changing -- A Constant Flux, if you will. During this crazy time, Joel decided to leave the corporate world in order to start his own business. There were many reasons for this, one of which was the flexibility of time in order to maintain an appropriate life with his kids. So the "root" of the business in many ways came about because of the "twins".

Twin Roots is a consulting and software development company founded in January 2008. Its specialties include software development, technical writing and editing, and technical standards consulting and review. Twin Roots is based in Northern California.

Twin Roots offers various consulting and contracting services. Contact Twin Roots for pricing.

Technical Writing

Twin Roots can create professionally crafted technical specifications, whether for use in software design or submission to an international standards body.

Software Development

Twin Roots can assist a client in the development and coding of software systems. Twin Roots specializes in Microsoft development technologies, but also has experience with Java and other technologies.

Computer Services

Twin Roots can also support your computer servicing needs. Whether you need hardware support, software support or configuration, networking support, or even your website designed and hosted, Twin Roots can help.

Technical Standards Consulting

Twin Roots can represent a client's interest on a standard's body, help create a new standards committee, chair or convene a standards committee, or serve to review and/or modify a specification that is targeted for standardization.

Software Architecture

Twin Roots can work with a client to design a complete software system, providing guidance on best known practices and tools to ensure the system is architected in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Twin Roots specializes in Microsoft.NET, but has experience with other technologies as well.